Anchoring Script for Primary Students

Anchoring Script for Primary Students and Children

Anchoring Script for Primary Students: Good morning, everyone! I’m [Your Name] and I’m excited to be here with you today. Let’s start our fun day with a big smile!

First, let’s be quiet for a little bit. Close your eyes and think of something happy.

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Now, it’s time to pray. My friend [Co-host’s Name] will help us with that. Let’s fold our hands and listen.

Thank you, [Co-host’s Name]! Praying makes our hearts happy and our minds ready for the day.

Next, we’re going to say our school promise. [Co-host’s Name], please start, and we can all follow.

Great job, everyone! Our school promise helps us remember to be our best selves.

Now, let’s all stand up straight for the National Anthem. Sing loudly and proudly, with your hand on your heart.

After the song, let’s sit back down. It’s time for the Thought of the Day. [Student’s Name] has something nice to share with us.

(Here, [Student’s Name] shares a simple, positive message.)

Thanks, [Student’s Name]! That was a lovely thought.

Now, let’s hear some news from [Newsreader’s Name]. What’s new in the world today?

(After the news)

Thank you for the updates!

And what’s happening in our school this week? [Name] will tell us about the fun events coming up.

(After the school bulletin)

Wow, that sounds exciting! Thank you, [Name].

And that’s the end of our assembly today. Remember to keep smiling and be kind to everyone you meet. Have a great day, everyone!

Thank you and see you next time!

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