Anchoring script for Morning Assembly on World malaria Day

World malaria Day Anchoring script for Morning Assembly – 25 April

Anchoring Script Ideas for Morning Assembly – Hello students, Today we are presenting a sample anchoring script on World Malaria Day, which falls on April 25th. In this post, we use two students for anchoring. You can read and get an idea for a special morning assembly. So let’s get started!

Anchoring Script for Students on Malaria Day

[Anchor 1 – Name: Aryan, Class: 9th, House: Blue] – Good morning, everyone!

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[Anchor 2 – Name: Maya, Class: 8th, House: Red] – Good morning, everyone! Today is a special day as we gather here for our morning assembly to commemorate World Malaria Day.

[Anchor 1] – Malaria is a serious disease caused by mosquitoes. It affects millions of people worldwide each year. Raising awareness about this disease is essential to prevent its spread and protect ourselves and our communities.

[Anchor 2] – Absolutely, Aryan! Did you know that World Malaria Day is observed on April 25th every year? Its purpose is to highlight the need for continued investment and sustained political commitment to malaria prevention and control.

[Anchor 1] – That’s right, Maya! It’s a day to remind ourselves of the importance of preventive measures. Using mosquito nets, wearing protective clothing, and keeping our surroundings clean are crucial to reduce mosquito breeding sites.

[Anchor 2] – Indeed, Aryan! Additionally, early diagnosis and treatment are crucial in the fight against malaria. Ensuring timely medical care can save lives and prevent the spread of the disease.

[Anchor 1] – As students, we can also play a significant role in raising awareness about malaria in our communities. We can educate our friends and family members about prevention and encourage them to take proactive measures to stay safe.

[Anchor 2] – Absolutely, Aryan! Let’s join hands to combat malaria and create a healthier and safer environment for everyone. Together, we can make a difference!

[Both Anchors] – Thank you all for joining us in today’s assembly. Let’s remember the significance of World Malaria Day and pledge to work towards a malaria-free future. Have a great day ahead!

Word of the Day for Morning Assembly (25 April 2024)

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