Anchoring Script to Invite Guest for Speech in Morning Assembly

How to Invite Guest for Speech in Morning Assembly?

Anchoring Script: Inviting Guest Speaker for Morning Assembly

[Opening Music/Announcement]

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Anchor 1: Good morning, everyone! I hope you’re all feeling energized and ready for another inspiring day here at [Your School’s Name]. Today, we have a special treat in store for you.

Anchor 2: That’s right, [Anchor 1]! We are honored to have with us a distinguished guest who has graciously accepted our invitation to share their insights and wisdom with us.

Anchor 1: Absolutely! Our guest today is none other than [Guest Speaker’s Name], [briefly mention their notable achievements or profession]. They have graciously agreed to join us and impart their valuable knowledge during our morning assembly.

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Anchor 2: Indeed, [Anchor 1]! We believe that [Guest Speaker’s Name]’s expertise in [mention their area of expertise] will provide us with a fresh perspective and inspire us all to strive for excellence.

Anchor 1: Without further ado, let’s extend a warm welcome to [Guest Speaker’s Name] as they join us on stage.

[Applause as Guest Speaker comes to the stage]

Anchor 2: Welcome, [Guest Speaker’s Name]! We are truly honored to have you with us today. Thank you for taking the time to join our morning assembly.

Guest Speaker: [Brief greeting and acknowledgment]

Anchor 1: [Guest Speaker’s Name], before we invite you to address our students, could you please share a little about yourself and your journey with us?

Guest Speaker: [Guest Speaker shares briefly about themselves]

Anchor 2: Thank you for sharing, [Guest Speaker’s Name]. We are eager to hear more from you. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s give our full attention to [Guest Speaker’s Name] as they share their words of wisdom with us.

[Guest Speaker delivers their speech]

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Anchor 1: [After the speech] Thank you, [Guest Speaker’s Name], for your enlightening words. We are truly grateful for your presence here today.

Anchor 2: That was truly inspiring! Let’s give another round of applause to [Guest Speaker’s Name] for their insightful speech.


Anchor 1: As we conclude today’s morning assembly, let’s reflect on the valuable lessons we’ve learned from [Guest Speaker’s Name]. Remember to apply these insights to your daily lives and continue striving for greatness.

Anchor 2: Thank you all for your attentive participation. Have a wonderful day ahead, and let’s carry the inspiration from today’s assembly with us as we go about our day.

Both Anchors: Until next time, goodbye and take care!

[Closing Music/Announcement]

Feel free to adjust the script according to your school’s preferences and the specific details of the event.

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