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Today Special Day in India is – World Intellectual Property Day – 26 April 2023

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Theme of the day is “IP and the SDGs: Building our common future with innovation and creativity”

World Intellectual Property Day 2024: Why it Matters

World Intellectual Property Day brings together inventors, entrepreneurs, IP offices, and more to explore and promote solutions that boost economic development and social well-being. It’s a chance to raise awareness about protecting IP and how it fuels innovation and creativity.

Word of the Day for Early Learners (Nursery, LKG, and UKG)

Aspect Details
Word Create
Meaning To make something new
Synonyms Build, produce
Antonyms Destroy, demolish
Example “She likes to create drawings during art class.”

Word of the Day for Young Explorers (Class 1, 2, and 3)

Aspect Details
Word Invent
Meaning To create something original
Synonyms Devise, originate
Antonyms Copy, imitate
Example “He wants to invent a new type of sandwich.”

Word of the Day for Budding Scholars (Class 4, 5, and 6)

Aspect Details
Word Patent
Meaning A government authority or license conferring a right or title for a set period
Synonyms License, monopoly
Antonyms Restriction, limitation
Example “The inventor received a patent for her new invention.”

Word of the Day for Junior Academics (Class 7, 8, and 9)

Aspect Details
Word Copyright
Meaning The exclusive legal right to reproduce, publish, sell, or distribute the matter and form of something
Synonyms Rights, ownership
Antonyms Common, public
Example “The author holds the copyright to her published book.”

Word of the Day for Senior Students (Class 10, 11, and 12)

Aspect Details
Word Innovation
Meaning The action or process of innovating; a new method, idea, product, etc.
Synonyms Novelty, breakthrough
Antonyms Stagnation, regression
Example “The company’s success is due to its commitment to innovation.”

GK Question About World Intellectual Property Day 2024 With Answer

Question : What is the theme for World Intellectual Property Day in 2024?

Answer: ‘IP and the SDGs: Building Our Common Future with Innovation and Creativity’.

Question : When do we celebrate World Intellectual Property Day?

Answer: Every year on April 26th.

Question : What important treaty related to intellectual property was signed in 1883?

Answer: The Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property.

Question : Why do we celebrate World Intellectual Property Day?

Answer: To highlight the importance of protecting intellectual property, which helps foster innovation and creativity.

Question : When did WIPO become a specialized agency of the United Nations?

Answer: In 1974.

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